Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Story

Chase and I are in love.  How did this happen?

Boy and Girl talk on Facebook once during a school semester, they have both heard of each other, being from the same town and all but can't say they really know each all

Girl mentions to boy during Christmas Break that they should hang out
Boy asks girl to lunch

Boy & Girl enjoy a 5 hour lunch "date" walking around Lithia Park, exploring the many interesting shops, and oh yeah eating.

Girl mentions that she is going running that night.  Boy states he missed running.  Girl suggest he come along...Boy & Girl meet up to go running a couple hours later and then run some errands and do a puzzle at Girls house.

Girl goes to Boise for best friends wedding
Boy texts girl during her treacherous drive possibly making it more so.

Girl rushes home for New Years Ever
Boy asks girl to hang out for New Years Eve

Boy & Girl end up hanging out until 4am (something that Girls Mama still doesn't know...maybe until now)
Boy goes to Utah
Girl spends winter months trying to deny a huge crush on Boy
Boy studies...
Girl makes sure that Boy & Girl stay friends finding excuses to call, text, etc.
Feb14th Boy and Girl spend their first of many countless hours talking on the phone
Feb-March Boy and Girl seemed obsessed with talking on the phone, over skype, texting
March Boy and girl decide to make it official FINALLY...
April Boy convinces Girl to go to the East coast for the summer.
May 28th Boy and Girl get engaged decide on a quick wedding do to family circumstances.
July 30th Boy and Girl get hitched
Dec 8th Boy and Girl are still happy as clowns with the best decision they have both ever made

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011


I could tell you what I know in a lot of words eloquently put together, but I decided that I am going to share my beliefs in the strong raw refreshing way that I feel about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world IS centered on love.
Heavenly Father loved us and so he sent his son to earth so that he could die and we could return to him.
Jesus Christ loved us and so he was willing to come to earth go through the pain of EVERYONES sins.  Because of this he always knows how we feel and since he loves us if we ask  him for help then he will always help us in whatever way we really need help.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints aka Mormons.
I know that at one time the Lord took his gospel off the earth and then again restored it.  He did this through his servant Joseph Smith.  He gave us the Old and New testaments along with the Book of Mormon which Joseph Smith translated.

The Lord also loved us so much he gave us a modern day prophet.  It makes perfect sense that he would allow us to have someone that he can work through so that we can receive modern day revelation.

Communication is important.  Heavenly Father wants to hear from us through prayer.  Because he loves us.

I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I know they love me.  I know that I am a daughter of God with infinite worth.  I also know that everyone else is a son or daughter of a King.  SO! I will be doing my best to treat them that way.  

Thas really not all.  BUT I LOVE YOU